About Us

About Two Wheel Transit

Two Wheel Transit was created to provide freight forwarding, logistics, and FBA fulfillment information to industry professionals and those who are just curious to learn more about the shipping business.

Our articles will include content from freight business owners, academics, and guest authors who have a passion for the business.

Who are the team?

The team that currently runs the blog is comprised of a writer and an amateur web designer (Tim and Mori). We have worked together in the freight forwarding business for over a decade, and have recently taken a step back from forwarding to start working in Amazon FBA fulfillment.

We wanted to share our experience and knowledge built up over our time in the industry with you, and wish to cultivate a place where anyone can come get their questions answered or help others.

What is the posting schedule like?

Right now the posting schedule may be sporadic, as we both have the business to focus on, but if we garner enough interest, we may switch to this full time and push our useful content every other day or so.